California Film Awards

2013 Winners

Grand Winners

Grand Jury Award: The K Effect. Stalin's Editor directed by Valenti Figueres (Spain)

Special Jury Prize: Agnus Dei directed by Agim Sopi (Kosovo)

Special Jury Prize: Out Smart directed by Dawn Cobalt (USA)
Special Jury Prize: My Sundance Obsession directed by Rod Lopez (USA)
Special Jury Prize: Honor Diaries directed by Micah Smith (USA)
Special Jury Prize: Dance of the Books directed by Lorena Fernández Carrillo (SPAIN)

Best Narrative Feature: The Immortal Edward Lumley directed by William Wall
Best Narrative Short: Greedy Girl directed by Megan Anderson
 and Isabelle Gander (Australia)
Best Foreign Film: Una Larme De Plus directed by Paul Verhoeven (France)

Best Musical: Beauty and the Beat directed by Yann Le Quellec
Best Student Short: Thin Air directed by Natalie Nalesnyik (Australia)

Best Animation: The Symphony of Our Life directed by Paul Verhoeven
Best Director: Swalk directed by Dawn Cobalt (USA)
Best Actor: McKinley Freeman, Greencard Warriors directed by Miriam Kruishoop (USA)
Best Screenplay: Fetiche written by Candace Infuso (USA)
Best Actress: Marta Gastini for Tanith directed by Germano Boldornini (Italy)

Best California Film: Joshua directed by Sungjin Ahn (USA)
Best California Short: Ocean directed by Tory Nelson (USA)
Best Newcomer: The Undercard directed by Sarah B. Downey (USA)

Best Music Video: Phoenix Song directed by Kate Marzullo (USA)

Best Television Pilot: Jonny directed by Roberto D'Antona (Italy)

Best Comedy: Love in the Time of Advertising directed by Matt Berenty & David Bokser (USA)

Best Family Film: Zombeo & Juliecula directed by Stev Elam (USA)

Best First-time Director: Awake directed by Connie Lisogar-Cocchia (Canada)

Best Dramatic Film: Mind Trip directed by Eros D'Antona
Best Thriller: Blur directed by Jazz Virk (Canada)

Screenplay Competition

1st Place: The Marcoing Incident written by Jeffery W. Travis

2nd Place: Soulless Town written by Sierra Bothof

3rd Place: Stat Dad written by Charles Laulette

4th Place: Munsey Park written by Ingrid Abrams

5th Place: The Renovation written by Brian Hugh O’Neill

Official Finalists 

Lord of Obstacles written by David Riggs
Star Child written by Judy Bednarek
Grim Reaping written by Kristina Barry
Apostle's Creed written by Inger Dietrichs
Puzzled Pieces written by DJ Gonsalves
Rien Ne Va Plus written by Franz Wolf
Forgive Not Their Trespasses written by John J. Maffucci
Crisis written by Matthew Paris
The Lucky Charm written by Melvin Kling Jr.
Snowdrop written by Riccardo Giullari
Joan written by Andrea Siligardi

Honorable Mentions

Diamond Express written by Kyle Curry
A World Turned Upside Down written by Randy Hatch
Finally Me written by Charles Laulette
The First Arrow written by Joshua Rutherford
Narcosis written by James Hsiao
Brownies written by Ethan Hoffman-Sadka
We'll Miss Her Terribly written by Tito Buffulini